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Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal

New Release – Volume 19 No. 2

Edited by Professor Kevin Banks, with the assistance of Brian Burkett and Jeffrey Sack, Q.C., the Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal provides in-depth analysis of key issues in labour and employment law. It also provides timely commentary on major legislative and case law developments. Designed for academics, adjudicators and practitioners, the Journal is in its nineteenth year of publication, appearing two times a year in softcover format.

Notably, the CLELJ was relied on by the Supreme Court of Canada in the two most significant labour law cases in decades — B.C. Health Services and Fraser — in which collective bargaining was held to be a constitutionally protected activity under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In another seminal decision, dealing with the duty to accommodate — the Meiorin case — the Supreme Court cited with approval five articles from a single issue of the Journal.

Canada's foremost journal in the field of labour and employment law, the CLELJ is a member of the prestigious International Association of Labour Law Journals, comprised of the world's top labour law periodicals.

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