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Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration Online

Now available in both online and loose-leaf formats, Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration is a pioneering work, designed to help you quickly access and navigate the maze of arbitration awards and court decisions. Leading Cases provides authoritative commentary on some 1,700 arbitration awards, court judgments and tribunal decisions, as well as hundreds of convenient case summaries.

Features of Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration

Leading Cases presents the most authoritative and comprehensive selection of influential cases, with commentary by distinguished experts in labour law and numerous concise case summaries, setting out the facts, issues and reasons for decision in the most important and representative cases.

Filling a long-felt need expressed by the labour arbitration community, the authors have selected leading cases from among the thousands of decisions issued over the years by arbitrators and the courts.

Leading Cases is Organized by Topic, and is Divided into Three Parts:

  1. Evidence and Procedure
  2. Discharge and Discipline
  3. Contract Interpretation

An Easy-to-Use Format

Leading Cases is available as a one-volume loose-leaf service and/or an online edition, with expert commentary and links to case summaries and to full texts of decisions.

How the Cases Are Selected

A concerted effort is made to include ground-breaking cases, the most recent cases, and cases identifying patterns and trends in each topic area. The criteria for selection of each decision are rigorous, and include:

  1. The quality of reasoning
  2. The clarity of exposition
  3. The extent of caselaw review