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First Resort™ is Lancaster's new comprehensive resource for labour and employment law. First Resort™ organizes articles that summarize and analyse key labour and employment law decisions into twenty different databases, each of which covers a discrete area of labour law. Your subscription to First Resort™ allows you to search archived articles(of those databases to which you subscribe) dating back to 1997 and provides access to full-text decisions. When a database to which you subscribe is updated with new summaries and commentary, you will be notified immediately via Lancaster's new eAlert system.  If you would like to manage the delivery of your eAlerts, click here.

First Resort™: Full Access First Resort™: Select Access

Lancaster's First Resort™: Full Access is a powerful comprehensive legal research tool that provides access to our indispensable text, Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration, and to all of our databases which contain fully searchable summaries and insightful analysis of the most important labour and employment law decisions from the last 15 years. You will also be notified immediately via Lancaster's new eAlert system when any of our databases is updated with new summaries and commentary.

First Resort™: Select Access allows you to subscribe to the databases most relevant to your work. You will be able to search archived case summaries (in those databases to which you subscribe) dating back to 1997, and you will be alerted to the newest additions to the databases to which you subscribe via Lancaster's eAlert system.

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What's included in Full Access?  

Our indispensable text on Labour Arbitration

What's Available through Select Access?

Through First Resort™: Select Access, you may subscribe to any of the following databases or online publications (or any combination of two or more databases or publications):

The annual subscription price of $399 per database includes access to First Resort™ and regular eAlert updates.

Twenty Databases Twenty Databases
Labour Arbitration tick mark
Labour Board Law tick mark
Labour Law tick mark
Also included Online Publications
Wrongful Dismissal and Employment Law eText Complimentary
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